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Two-wire irrigation systems send both power and signal to multiple control valves over a single twisted pair of wires. This two-wire path has the ability to activate any individual valve on the site. Due to their simplicity, ease of expansion, and long distance performance, these ever-handy devices have been gaining tremendous popularity among installers all over the world.

However, since coming to the market, two-wire controls have been thought of as a more ‘upscale’ option geared towards large-scale commercial projects. To offer a two-wire solution suitable for all kinds of sites and installers, Hunter Industries is proud to announce the DUAL—a two-wire decoder solution engineered with ease of installation and operation in mind.

How it Works
DUAL is a two-wire output option for the I-Core controller that can be installed while retaining all I-Core control features.  The DUAL48M conversion module is purchased separately from the controller, and plugged into the I-Core module slots.  Once the module is inserted into the I-CORE, an installer can select either the DUAL-1 decoder to connect to a single valve, or the DUAL-2 decoder to connect two valves. The installer then runs a twisted pair of wires from the I-CORE out to valves installing their selected DUAL decoder at each valve. Up to 48 stations can be operated from a single pair of twisted wires from the I-CORE.

The DUAL48M module has its own simple user-friendly interface for programming and diagnostics. The DUAL48M only works with the DUAL series decoders, and is not interchangeable with any other family of decoders.

Unbeatable Value
DUAL offers a more simplified design, and a cost effective two-wire solution for smaller scale projects.  Depending on the system it’s applied to, the DUAL can be up to 35% more cost effective than any comparable solution. Not only do you save on wire costs, you also save valuable time and energy on installation and trouble-shooting down the road.

Now two-wire technology is not just a solution for high-end irrigation projects, but also light commercial, sports turf, and residential estates.  Features of the I-Core Dual system include:

  • Wireless remote capability (ROAM or ICR)
  • Solar Sync compatibility
  • Real-time flow monitoring

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Article by Hunter Industries.