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The reliable rain sensor with instant shutoff.

Most rain-sensing devices must first accumulate a set amount of rainfall before a switch is activated that interrupts the circuit from the controller and shuts off the system. In that “accumulation time,” the system will continue to water, giving the appearance a precious resource is being wasted…exactly the opposite impression a municipality, a business, or an upstanding citizen would like to convey. Only the Hunter Rain-Clik™, with its unique Quick Response™ feature, can command a controller to shut off immediately–not after a quarter- or a half-inch, but right when it starts to rain. The Rain-Clik can be mounted on an eave or any flat vertical surface like a wall or fence. A gutter mount is also available that allows for easy installation of the Rain-Clik on the edge of a gutter.


Hunter’s unique Quick Response™ feature
No need for water to accumulate for shutoff

Rugged Construction
Heavy-duty polycarbonate housing and metal extension arm

Set a maximum dry-out period
Adjust the irrigation re-start to account for varying amounts of rain

Maintenance-free patented sensing mechanism
No callbacks — just set it and forget it

Includes 25' of 20 gauge two-conductor wire
Simple to add on to a new or existing installation

Optional bypass switch
Adds flexibility to the system

5-Year warranty
Hunter backs up its products with the industry’s best guarantee


Rain-Clik – standard (normally closed switch)
Rain-Clik-NO – normally open switch
RFC – Rain and freeze sensor (normally closed switch)

• 3 1/4" D x 2" H

• Wiring: normally closed or normally open
• Time to turn off irrigation system: 2 to 5 minutes for the Quick Response feature
• Time to reset the Quick Response unit: 4 hours maximum under dry, sunny conditions
• Time to reset: 3 days maximum under dry,
sunny conditions for the total rainfall compensation unit
• Operating temperature: 32˚F to 130˚F (0˚C to 54˚C)
• Vent ring allows for adjustment of reset delay
• UV colorfast and stable materials
• UL listed
• Direct Burial and UV Approved
• Optional gutter mount for Rain-Clik (order SGM)
• Freeze sensor shuts system off when temperatures fall below 37˚F (Rain/Freeze-Clik Model)

• 24 volt, 3 AMP Switch

NO = Normally Open Switch
RFC = Rain/Freeze-Clik Sensor Combo
Note: To add Bypass Switch Box to any non-Hunter controller
installation, specify BPSW with sensor. Bypass switch function is
standard in all Hunter controllers.
SGM = Optional Gutter Mount


Rain-Clik Brochure (288.65 Kb)

Rain-Clik Instruction Sheet (630.85 Kb)

Sensors Product Information Guide (3.61 Mb)



Installation Instructions

Rain-Clik: The Ideal Money-Saving System Add-on is Now Available