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Now you can use one tool that incorporates 2 actions - punching and inserting - No need for a hand-drill and additional inserter tool. The Push & Twist Inserter save time, allowing you to make hundreds of punches in a short period of time. Suitable for FT5 Feedtube Assemblies. Click Here

Nelson Australia is proud to bring to Australian Irrigators, Hunter's Professional Landscape Drip (PLD) Irrigation technology.

Precision at its best, the PLD is able to deliver superior performance because the watering is specific and precise, giving you control without waste.

Features at a glance:

  • Anti siphon mechanism - prevents contaminants from being drawn inside the emitter.
  • Pressure compensating - constant flow rate at variable inlet pressures.
  • No drain feature - The water stops flowing through the emitters when the pressure drops to 1.0m - protects drip lines from sucking in small soil particles at system shut down.
  • Large emitter channel and self cleaning mechanism - the dripper continuously flushes the inlet filter in the drip line.
  • Two outlets per emitter - reliable drip operation.
  • Suits standard 13mm fittings.
  • 5 year warranty - pro rata.
  • UV resistant drip line.
  • Premium resins.
  • Available for reclaimed or non-potable water use - purple.

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In stock from November 2010.

Two-wire irrigation systems send both power and signal to multiple control valves over a single twisted pair of wires. This two-wire path has the ability to activate any individual valve on the site. Due to their simplicity, ease of expansion, and long distance performance, these ever-handy devices have been gaining tremendous popularity among installers all over the world.

However, since coming to the market, two-wire controls have been thought of as a more ‘upscale’ option geared towards large-scale commercial projects. To offer a two-wire solution suitable for all kinds of sites and installers, Hunter Industries is proud to announce the DUAL—a two-wire decoder solution engineered with ease of installation and operation in mind.

How it Works
DUAL is a two-wire output option for the I-Core controller that can be installed while retaining all I-Core control features.  The DUAL48M conversion module is purchased separately from the controller, and plugged into the I-Core module slots.  Once the module is inserted into the I-CORE, an installer can select either the DUAL-1 decoder to connect to a single valve, or the DUAL-2 decoder to connect two valves. The installer then runs a twisted pair of wires from the I-CORE out to valves installing their selected DUAL decoder at each valve. Up to 48 stations can be operated from a single pair of twisted wires from the I-CORE.

The DUAL48M module has its own simple user-friendly interface for programming and diagnostics. The DUAL48M only works with the DUAL series decoders, and is not interchangeable with any other family of decoders.

Unbeatable Value
DUAL offers a more simplified design, and a cost effective two-wire solution for smaller scale projects.  Depending on the system it’s applied to, the DUAL can be up to 35% more cost effective than any comparable solution. Not only do you save on wire costs, you also save valuable time and energy on installation and trouble-shooting down the road.

Now two-wire technology is not just a solution for high-end irrigation projects, but also light commercial, sports turf, and residential estates.  Features of the I-Core Dual system include:

  • Wireless remote capability (ROAM or ICR)
  • Solar Sync compatibility
  • Real-time flow monitoring

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Article by Hunter Industries.

Featuring strutless technology, the Nelson Orbitor is resistant to debri collection on the sprinkler head common with poor quality water and provides outstanding uniformity and optimal droplets at low pressures (10-20 psi).  The result is longer lasting sprinkler and superior performance. Click Here to read more.

Announcing the Accu-Sync - Hunter Industries’ latest innovation in pressure regulation. This newly designed family of valve pressure regulators replaces the Accu-Set. The Accu-Sync provides a means to add pressure regulation to any Hunter valve.

Choose from an adjustable pressure regulator (20 – 100 PSI, 1.4 – 6.9 bar) or color-coded, fixed pressure models in 20 PSI (1.4 bar), 30 PSI (2.1 bar), 40 PSI (2.8 bar), 50 PSI (3.5 bar) and 70 PSI (4.8 bar). Each Accu-Sync is coupled with a tough glass filled nylon swivel assembly. Installation without tools is a snap and the user has the option of pivoting the pressure regulator away from any obstruction.

The Accu-Sync is sold in a carton quantity of 10 individually packaged units, which will be available in December 2011.

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