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Nelson Irrigation Australia, Australia’s leading distributor of technically advanced irrigation equipment, is delivering cutting edge water efficiency technology to producers of low growing crops with its innovative new “brown plate” for the R3000 Pivot Sprinkler.

The R3000 has been a market favourite for some time thanks to its interchangeable modular design components which can adapt to suit weather and crop conditions with a simple push and turn mechanism.

Featuring easy to identify, wear resistant and precision-accurate colour coded nozzles, the R3000 allows growers to remove the rotator for cleaning or to change a nozzle to suit conditions, without shutting down the system. This results in a drastic reduction of labour and downtime.



A sprinkler system that is smart enough to sense summer evaporation, sun radiation and rain - I'd like to see that! The latest generation of weather sensing irrigation technology is simplifying the challenge of unpredictable summer weather and you won’t believe what it is capable of!

Available through Nelson Irrigation Australia, the Hunter Solar Sync is an innovative piece of technology that takes the pain out of making sure your valuable plants get the water they need, when they need it. The Solar Sync continually gathers on-site solar and temperature data used in the calculation of evapotranspiration, then extends or reduces the watering time accordingly.

Surprisingly affordable, the Hunter Solar Sync conserves valuable water and more importantly, removes the hassle of re-programming your irrigation controller when those hot or rainy days hit.

The Solar Sync is already proving popular with prestige home owners, together with commercial gardens in resorts, shopping centres, schools and golf courses.

Marketing Director Tony Shepley said the Hunter Solar Sync is compatible with the majority of Hunter controllers, a brand that already dominates the commercial landscape and high end domestic garden irrigation.

“The Hunter Solar Sync consists of a weather sensor that is positioned in the garden, which connects wirelessly to a Solar Sync module that is attached to your Hunter irrigation controller,” said Tony.

“You simply set your Hunter controller to irrigate as you usually would and the Solar Sync will then reduce or extend the irrigation time according to the weather.  If it has been raining it will stop irrigation or if solar radiation or evaporation levels are high it will extend the irrigation time for maximum efficiency.”

“The Solar Sync varies irrigation to match the seasons - it does the hard work for you – no more wasted time spent evaluating when the gardens need to be watered next.”

“The system is water smart approved and will potentially enable you to save thousands of litres of water,” concluded Tony.

For information on how to incorporate the Hunter Solar Sync into your irrigation system please contact Nelson Australia 1300 856 368


AE50 Awards - American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers recognize companies for innovative engineering in the areas of agriculture, food and biological systems. Products are accepted globally and are judged on specific criterion; they must provide the most profound technology in their industry, improve user safety and benefit producers by saving them time, money and labour. Only 50 awards are distributed each year.

O3000 Orbitor Pivot Sprinkler
The Nelson O3000 Orbitor pivot sprinkler features new technology that eliminates the struts of a sprinkler body to provide outstanding uniformity and optimal droplets at low operating pressures.

Designed with an innovative bracketless assembly, debris hang-up and water pattern misting common to conventional sprinklers are eliminated. Irrigators can expect long wear life, reliable operation and durability even in the toughest watering conditions. The Orbitor utilises Nelson's universal 3TN quick-change, colour-coded plastic nozzle.

The O3000 Orbitor offers an excellent water application solution from 69 to 138 kPa (10 to 20 psi) operating pressure. This low-pressure sprinkler is mounted on drop tubes and utilises low trajectory angles to keep the water out of the wind for maximum water and energy conservation.

The O3000 is available with the choice of two plates to meet desired droplet configurations specific to site and soil requirements. The sprinkler allows irrigators to more precisely apply water, energy and fertilizer.


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Nelson Australia are excited about the addition of the LASCO range of Connections and Fittings. LASCO fittings are relied upon worldwide to provide the confidence users desire. Browse the available range, Click Here.

Nelson Irrigation Corporation introduces low pressure Rotator® sprinkler technology for up-top mounting on centre pivots and linear/lateral irrigation machines. Eliminate crop interference from tall growing crops like corn or sugar cane with the new Nelson A3000 Accelerator with the Navy Plate (pictured).

The new Navy Plate for the A3000 Accelerator is designed for up top mounting. As a low pressure rotating type sprinkler, the A3000 Accelerator produces a wider wetted pattern than sprayheads resulting in better overlap and longer soak time to reduce runoff. Plus, the rotating streams of the A3000 are low angle and multi-trajectory, resulting in both improved uniformity and application efficiency.

Compared to impact sprinklers, the A3000 Navy Plate operates at lower pressures — 10 psi — saving energy.

Expect long wear life because unlike impact sprinklers where the seals and bearing are exposed to water quality and pressure, the A3000’s seals and thrust bearing are protected. Re-nozzling to match crop requirements or pumping capacity is fast and easy, as the A3000 Accelerator features a quick-change, color-coded plastic nozzle.

The new Navy Plate for the A3000 operates through a full nozzle range without having to change sprinkler models.This new sprinkler offers an excellent up-top water application solution at 10 PSI operating pressure.