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50Hz End Gun Booster Pump

Vertical Mount TEFC IP56 IE2

HC-EGBP 65 x 50 NPT or BSP (with companion flanges)

Key Points:

• Specific Vertical Mount Electric Motor design

• Fit into existing pipework and orientation

• Seal flush to reduce air locking.

• Engineered Stainless Steel volute and impeller

• IE2 and IP56 Motor

• Twin lifting eyes for ease of installation.

• NPT and BSP options

• Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) Approved

The EGBP-Valve fits between the pump discharge flange and the stainless steel companion flange. The companion flanges are included with the HC-EGBP.


EGBP Instruction Manual

EGBP Data Sheet

EGBP Competitive Product Comparison Matrix

 EGBP NPT with Companion Flange Drawing

 EGBP Flanged Drawing


EGBP Drawing IGS (68Mb)

EGBP Drawing STEP (41Mb)

Spare Part Kits:


 Hydro Connect Spare Parts

The S7 Spinner is ideal for Irrigation, Frost-Protection or Cooling of any tree or vine crop.

Featuring new low-pressure flow regulation (new 7FC flow control nozzles are flow regulating from 15-50 PSI / 1.0-3.4 bar); quick-clean technology (plugged nozzles are flushed and cleaned in a few seconds); and superior wear-life that is made possible by a stainless steel ball that is affixed to the top of the spin plate. The S7 Spinner is a micro-sprinkler with a new level of quality, reliability and durability.

Simply turn, flush and reconnect. Nelson's quick clean Technology reduces irrigation hours.

Insect Protection helps prevent plugging or stalling. Flow Control Nozzles are flow regulating at 1.0 Bar (15PSI). 

Modular Design, allows quick and easy Nozzle Exchange.

Visit the S7 Spinners dedicated website: for more information


• 1.0-3.4 BAR (15-50 PSI)
• 32-285 LPH (8.5-75 GPH)
• 2.7-4.9M (9-16') Radius




S7 Spinner Brochure (3.5Mb)