Reporting for Duty.

The new Hunter PLD applies water slowly and evenly for consistent distribution. Water soaks in gradually, easily reaching its intended goal. It also incorporates a pressure compensation system with a built-in check valve that helps prevent emitter clogging and water loss. It’s flexible, kink resistant and does more than work. It works wonders. You’ll see.

Precision is an Understatement.

It’s no mystery: Hunter’s PLD aims exactly where you want it. That’s why it’s so effective. It performs better because the watering is specific and precise, giving you control without waste. Whether it’s a flower bed or other creative landscape configurations, the PLD’s targeted technology is the perfect application. Even more, in-line pressure-compensating emitters ensure even flow on all terrains and lateral lengths. Plus the built in check valves prevent both debris suctioning back and drainage at low-lying points. Precision watering at its best. Right on.


Hunter PLD Brochure (1.18 Mb)

Root Zone Watering System Brochure (1.19 Mb)

Available in Reclaimed Water (Purple)