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Industry’s longest distance rotary sprinkler specifically designed for parks, sports fields, and public areas.

With a radius up to 96 feet from a single sprinkler, the I-90 boasts a coverage area no other commercial sprinkler can deliver. Yet, its reduced-size diameter and cushioned rubber cover make it the perfect choice for parks and wide-open lawn areas, as well as perimeter watering of athletic fields and horse arenas. The rotor is also perfectly easy to service, with a "jar-top" body cap that allows quick access to the filter screen and check valve with no extra pieces, parts, or tools required. The I-90 is offered in two models - a full-circle opposing-nozzle version or an adjustable arc model - each with color-coded nozzles that can be field-changed to match the specific needs of your site.


Extra-thick heavy-duty rubber cover
Helps keep playing surfaces safe

6 color-coded primary nozzles
Truly uniform coverage and fast identification

Jar top serviceability
Easy access to screen, gear drive and valve assemblies

Closed case rotor
Absolute protection from dirt

Proven, heavy-duty gear drive
Enduring reliability

Water activated riser seal
Clean flushing action and positive retraction

Heavy duty stainless steel spring
Assures positive retraction, time after time

Drain check valve to handle elevation change
Saves water, reduces liability



I-90 36V – Full circle
I-90 ADV – Adjustable arc (40°–360°)


• Pop-up height: 3" (7.6 cm)
• Female inlet: 1 1/2" NPT or BSP
• Exposed diameter: 3 1/2" (8.9 cm)
• Overall height: 11" (28 cm)


I-90 36V
• Discharge rate: 29.8 to 69.4 GPM (6.77 to 15.76 m3/hr, 113 to 263 l/min)
• Radius: 71' to 96' (21 to 29.3 m)
• Recommended pressure range: 60 to 100 PSI (4.1 to 6.9 bars; 275 to 689 kPa)
• Operating pressure range: 50 to 100 PSI (3.4 to 6.9 bars; 344 to 689 kPa)
I-90 ADV
• Discharge rate: 30.7 to 69.8 GPM (6.97 to 15.85 m3/hr, 116 to 264 l/min)
• Radius: 67' to 90' (20.4 to 27.4 m)
• Recommended pressure range: 60 to 100 PSI (4.1 to 6.9 bars; 275 to 689 kPa)
• Operating pressure range: 50 to 100 PSI (3.4 to 6.9 bars; 344 to 689 kPa)

Note: To ensure optimum nozzle performance, the rotor should be operated in the "Recommended pressure range." The sprinkler will work normally when used in the "Operating pressure range", but nozzle performance may be reduced.


• Reclaimed water identification
• Factory-installed nozzles
• Turf Cup Kit (part # 467955)

EXAMPLE: I-90 - 36V - 53
I-90 = 3" Pop-up
ADV, 36V, ARV, 3RV
XX = Complete Set of Nozzles
33 – 63 = Factory-Installed Nozzle Number
B = BSP Thread

Key to Features:
ADV = Adjustable Arc with Check Valve
36V = Full-Circle with Check Valve
ARV = Adjustable Arc, Reclaimed Water, with Check Valve
3RV = Full-Circle, Reclaimed Water, with Check Valve


I-90 Brochure (181.14 Kb)
I-90 Installation and Adjustment Instruction Guide (397.40 Kb)

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