Big Gun

Big Gun Sprinkler


A Big Gun® sprinkler (operating through a complete rotation) on a quarter-section pivot can effectively irrigate up to 8.1 ha.


Considering the cost-effectiveness of putting this additional land into production, an end gun alternative shouldn’t be overlooked. Even if high pressure is not available to the end of a system, lower pressure options are available.

SR75 Part Circle - Slow Reverse (18°)

SR100 Part Circle - Slow Reverse (18°)

SRNV100 Part Circle - Slow Reverse (18°) Nozzle Valve

Purge Valve

Purge Valve


Install at the end of center pivot systems for automatic flushing at start-up and shut-down — or, configure with an electric solenoid interfaced with the center pivot for automatic flushing while system is operating.

Part Circle Impact

Part Circle Impact Sprinkler


P65M - 1" Male Part Circle with anti-backsplash arm & diffuser
7RN - Drive Nozzle for P65M


P85AS - 1 1/4" Male Part Circle with single nozzle 18°
8DRN - Drive Nozzle for P85AS

Part Circle Part Circle Part Circle

PC-R3000 Part Circle






PC-S3000 Part Circle





PC-S3000 Part Circle